Port Assistance

When talking about transport, RMC is the service provider clients depend on; from start to finish. Do you have a
ship’s crew to relocate as well as the transport arrangements? RMC can look after the formalities such as applying,
collecting and paying for a crew’s Schengen visas. This is in addition to maintaining close contact with the port and
border authorities.

Over the years, RMC has established a network of reliable and trusted professional contacts; a multi- faceted
network, which is able to find the correct and most accessible way through the myriad of medical and other port
related services and requirements rapidly. For these reasons clients prefer our services!

You can safely set sail with us
Whenever a ship’s crew signs on or off in the Netherlands, or anywhere else for that matter, you can hand over all
the logistical requirements to RMC’s professional experts with full confidence.

Airport Taxi Privé
RMC cooperates with Airport Taxi Privé to ensure that you will have the very latest up to date information on
flights and guaranteed access to the taxi pool immediately adjacent to the arrivals terminal of various airports.

24 x 7
RMC is a professional organization which is responsible for the personal transport arrangements of millions of
travellers annually. This includes Rotterdam local council and the Port of Rotterdam. To provide the quality of service
our clients have come to expect and rely upon, our departments are staffed day and night; 24/7.

Bespoke Invoicing
Clients prefer a prompt and reliable invoicing process. To meet this demand, RMC Port Assistance provides a fully
automated made-to-measure invoicing solution. All vehicles used by RMC are equipped with an FMS data system.
This means the vehicle can be tracked via GPRS, ensuring that the correct basic data is processed in our invoicing

Financial ease
Crew members are regularly confronted with all manner of immediate business costs, without necessarily having
sufficient currency to meet these. Our staff will keep drivers informed on such matters in a manner specified by
you. Payments in advance made on your behalf forms part of our total solution.

Business Desk and Port Assistance
At the RMC Business Desk, our specialists are always on hand to be of assistance. This department, which
traditionally assists the business travellers, can also be of service to you, for example if you are seeking to
transport VIPs or are looking for tour bus transport for larger groups.

RMC’s superb business network of hotels guarantees that crews enjoy excellent accommodation. Our clients also
benefit from RMC’s advantage of scale.

We have our own comprehensive car fleet, which includes saloon cars, deluxe VIP carriers, estate cars and vans
available with trailers for extra baggage.